Professional Services

Vastly Increase Your Profit Margin with Axis’ Hybrid Onshore/Offshore Model

By Axis Technical / July 5, 2016

You send an email from your home office in Los Angeles at 10:00 a.m.; it […]

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Top 10 Reasons Why Professional Services Firms Lose Big Clients

By Axis Technical / June 7, 2016

In a time where the competitive environment for professional services firms is like a busy […]

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CASE STUDY: Online Portal for Financial Services Firm

By Axis Technical / March 4, 2016

INTRODUCTION Kilowatt Financial provides document management and processing services portals for contractors involved in the […]

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CASE STUDY: Application Development Success for Medical Device Customer

By Axis Technical / February 4, 2016

The solution provides an integrated product where manufacturers and sellers maintain a master repository for […]

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oil and gas land title search

CASE STUDY: Oil & Gas Producer Cuts Costs and Gains Huge Competitive Advantage

By Axis Technical / January 6, 2016

Before the implementation of Axis’s flagship document imaging solution, this Oil & Gas producer’s only option was slow, error-prone, hand-keying of the complex land and title documents.

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Overcoming the Challenges of Communication, Culture, And Trust Between Onshore and Offshore Development Teams

By Axis Technical / December 23, 2015

At Axis, we run our projects with our clients utilizing a combination of onshore and […]

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windows 10

Axis Technical Group is Excited to Announce Support for Windows 10

By Axis Technical / October 23, 2015

Today Axis Technical Group announced support for Windows 10, which was released this year to […]

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software testing services outsourcing

A Compelling Case To Outsource Software Testing Services

By Axis Technical / May 27, 2015

Functional and defect-free software is the pride of any software development organization. Creating defective software […]

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unstructured documents

How Can Technology Be Used To Extract Data From Unstructured Content?

By Axis Technical / April 2, 2015

During a roundtable discussion at an AIIM Conference, we shared our stories and experiences to help identify best practices for processing unstructured content.

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Handwritten Document

Handwritten Documents: Definitions, The Challenges, And The Methods To Manage Unstructured Content – Chapter 4

By Axis Technical / March 26, 2015

Our fourth chapter in the “Best Practices for Managing Unstructured Data” blog series will focus […]

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