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Establishing and maintaining IT projects can be expensive and time-consuming. Identifying and hiring the right employees with specialized skills and knowledge requires a substantial investment in time and resources. This challenge has contributed to substantial investment in IT outsourcing.

Work with an industry expert when considering IT outsourcing for these projects. Take advantage of industry best practices, technology experience, and systems interoperability proficiency. Pick a systems integrator or IT services provider that has experience with successfully performing the required project. Avoid unnecessary technical debt and shadow IT by working with a professional that can provide advice that avoids future support, scalability, or performance issues.

IT outsourcing
managed services and IT outsourcing


Axis Technical Group has been providing a wide scope of IT project management, systems integration, and other managed services for two decades. Our team is well experienced in providing an "outside-in" perspective to your IT projects.

Leverage this knowledge to identify opportunities for performance improvement and cost savings. These capabilities can be delivered as a project-based or recurring services engagement.

Just as most industries have unique challenges, customer profiles, and growth strategies, the same is also true of IT outsourcing providers. Axis Technical Group has accumulated industry expertise while serving clients in the Real Estate, Title, Financial Services, Dentistry, Healthcare, Energy, and Utilities industries. This experience lets Axis Technical Group provide higher value to our clients, resulting in faster implementations that are done right the first time.

As you evaluate the need and scope of your next IT outsourcing project, custom application development services may be required. This type of work can fill what is often referred to as "white spaces" where functionality gaps exist. Axis Technical Group's custom application development team works closely with the IT outsourcing team to provide each of the IT services you need for project completion and successful implementation.


Let Axis Technical Group perform your IT outsourcing and managed services to align your business on a path to growth.