Document Classification & Data Extraction

Creating Structure From Chaos

Leading organizations know how to leverage their most valuable asset – customer and business data. But when this data is unstructured it can be time-consuming and difficult to organize and understand.

Key information in English-language sentences, paragraphs, or occurring randomly throughout documents has traditionally been virtually impossible for machines to understand.


Artificial Intelligence Has Changed the Playing Field

Axis Technical Group has created a proprietary, AI-based document classification and data extraction solution that delivers remarkable results. Capture virtually all of your structured and unstructured data in hours versus weeks. Quickly classify documents to ease data retrieval.

Our customers use Artificial Intelligence and machine learning algorithms to achieve unprecedented results. With our solution, you too can operate with greater data intelligence to improve performance, efficiency, and profitability.

Learn more about Axis Smart Data Extraction™, a subscription-based managed service to streamline document classification and data extraction in the Land and Title industries.


Let Axis Technical Group guide your document classification and data extraction strategies to align a new path to growth.