intelligent automation can capture cost reduction in the insurance industry

Achieving Cost Reduction in the Insurance Industry Through Intelligent Automation

By Axis Technical / July 16, 2024

This article explores how insurance organizations can leverage intelligent automation to achieve significant cost reduction.

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ROI on Generative AI Investment

What is a Realistic ROI on Gen AI?

By Axis Technical / July 9, 2024

This article explores what ROI on Gen AI can reasonably be expected, focusing on its application in various industries.

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Eco-friendly mining options

Eco-Friendly Mining: Sustainability Through Automation and Renewable Energy Amplified by Artificial Intelligence

By Axis Technical / July 2, 2024

This article explores how automation and renewable energy solutions can reduce the environmental impact of mining operations.

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overcoming gen AI implementation obstacles

Navigating Generative AI Implementation Challenges

By Axis Technical / June 25, 2024

Overcoming Generative AI implementation challenges requires careful consideration of several critical factors.

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how to address and minimize integration technical debt

Understanding Integration Technical Debt: Definition, Impact, and Management Strategies

By Axis Technical / June 19, 2024

Integration technical debt is a critical issue for modern enterprises – but can be solved when working with the right strategy and partner.

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Are expectations around AI overblown?

Is the Hype Around AI Investments Justified? Spoiler: Yes, It Is.

By Axis Technical / June 12, 2024

Is all this hype around AI warranted? Or are we merely caught in the throes of another tech bubble? This article can help clarify.

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business automation

Common Mistakes in Business Automation Projects and How to Avoid Them

By Axis Technical / June 5, 2024

Business automation projects that include business transformation objectives to amplify ROI can help avoid project implementation failures.

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intelligent automation in finance can drive high performance

Intelligent Automation in Finance: Key Strategies for Success

By Axis Technical / May 29, 2024

Intelligent automation in finance offers great potential for financial services to address regulatory, data, and customer service challenges.

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digital technologies are necessary to maintain data security in healthcare systems

Ensuring Data Security in Healthcare: A Digital Age Imperative

By Axis Technical / May 22, 2024

The need today for heightened data security in healthcare systems requires ever more reliance on digital technologies.

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business transformation

Navigating the AI Dichotomy: Perception vs. Reality in Business Transformation

By Axis Technical / May 15, 2024

Implementing a new AI project can be difficult – contrary to perceptions in the marketplace, given its impact on business transformation.

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