digital technologies are necessary to maintain data security in healthcare systems

Ensuring Data Security in Healthcare: A Digital Age Imperative

By Axis Technical / May 22, 2024

The need today for heightened data security in healthcare systems requires ever more reliance on digital technologies.

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cybersecurity trends in 2024

Mitigating Cybersecurity Trends in a Digitally Connected World

By Axis Technical / December 5, 2023

Several cybersecurity trends have recently emerged that pose significant risks to the title insurance and real estate sectors.

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cybersecurity threats continue to escalate

5 Reasons Why the Title Industry Now Faces Elevated Cybersecurity Threats

By Axis Technical / November 30, 2022

Elevated cybersecurity threats have emerged that must be addressed or threaten the performance gains from intelligent process automation.

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data security prevention

5 Essential Data Security Best Practices

By Axis Technical / February 3, 2022

The growing importance of business data has significantly increased its value, which has led to an increase in its theft. Just as every company must protect its employees and equipment, it must also have a policy for data security.

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