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pick the right erp

How to Pick the Right ERP for Oil & Gas Companies

By Axis Technical / May 3, 2023

Here are some guidelines that can help Oil & Gas companies pick the right ERP – and then deploy it to achieve a return on investment.

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the future of the oil & gas industry is at a crossroads.

Where is the Future of the Oil & Gas Industry Heading?

By Axis Technical / April 26, 2023

Where is the future of the Oil & Gas industry heading? This is a pivotal time for this industry where critical digital investment is needed.

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oil & gas industry automation success

5 Ways to Automation Success in the Oil & Gas Industry

By Axis Technical / April 18, 2023

The Oil & Gas industry is now investing in digital transformation to achieve automation success. Here are 5 examples of how to achieve.

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safety oil gas operations

How Technology Can Improve Safety, Cut Risk, and Standardize Oil & Gas Operations

By Axis Technical / March 14, 2023

Companies that apply a safety strategy for risk reduction can further enhance performance – beyond the reward of fewer injuries or accidents.

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smart connected assets in the oil and gas industry are changing how digital transformation is achieved.

What is the Future of Smart, Connected Assets in the Oil & Gas Industry?

By Axis Technical / March 1, 2023

Smart Connected Assets can operate as part of a connected ecosystem to request help, to fix or heal themselves to improve future performance.

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the benefits of digitalizing land lease management

3 Reasons To Digitalize Land Lease Management in Oil & Gas

By Axis Technical / February 22, 2023

Digitalize land lease management to improve operational performance and agility in the upstream oil & gas industry.

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improve upstream oil operations efficiency

5 Ways to Master Automation in Upstream Oil Operations

By Axis Technical / February 7, 2023

Upstream oil operations can now be performed with greater agility and performance while responding faster to change.

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transition in O&G industry

Easing the Energy Transition of Oil and Gas Companies

By Axis Technical / January 31, 2023

The energy transition of Oil & Gas companies can be streamlined and accelerated by investing heavily in digital technologies.

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oil and gas industry digital transformation accelerating

3 Factors Driving Digital Transformation in the Oil & Gas Industry

By Axis Technical / January 25, 2023

The oil & gas industry is undergoing many significant changes, which is driving new investment in digital transformation.

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rpa investment

2023 RPA Investment in The Upstream Oil Industry To Boom

By Axis Technical / January 10, 2023

The upstream oil industry is now expected to increase RPA investment as part of a focus on improving operating margins.

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