Gregory Howe AI Consulting

PRESS RELEASE: Axis Technical Group Welcomes Gregory Howe as Principal AI Consultant

By Axis Technical / July 10, 2024

Axis Technical Group news announcement that Gregory Howe is now its Lead AI Consultant, expanding its consulting practice.

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axis trademark press release

PRESS RELEASE: Axis Smart Data Extraction® is a Registered Trademark

By Axis Technical / September 19, 2023

Press Release announcing Axis Smart Data Extraction is a registered trademark, recognized by the USPTO as an official mark.

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Interview with Michael Valdes and HousingWire

PRESS Q&A INTERVIEW: HousingWire Speaks to Axis Technical Group

By Axis Technical / July 18, 2022

The real estate and title markets are dealing with lower volumes right now, which means increased competition […]

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strategic 2021 growth achievement

PRESS RELEASE: Axis Technical Group Completes Strategic 2021 Growth Milestones

By Axis Technical / February 8, 2022

Axis Technical Group completed strategic 2021 growth milestones, achieving multiple corporate objectives.

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Axis Smart Data Extraction

PRESS RELEASE: Axis Technical Group Launches AI-based Smart Data Extraction™ Service

By Axis Technical / October 6, 2021

Subscription service leverages artificial intelligence, industry knowledge, and smart data extraction expertise to deliver more […]

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healthcare claims process automation

PRESS RELEASE: ‘Touchless’ Healthcare Claims enabled by AI from Axis Technical Group

By Axis Technical / August 27, 2020

This announcement shared that over six million healthcare claims have now been processed by Axis Technical Group’s data extraction service.

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document processing record achieved with AI

PRESS RELEASE: 43M Document Processing Achievement in Record Time

By Axis Technical / August 10, 2020

Axis Technical Group Leverages AI @ Scale to Process 43M Documents in Record Time

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title document data customer win announcement

PRESS RELEASE: Axis announces three new contracts for implementations of Axis AI for Title Document Data processing.

By Axis Technical / December 4, 2018

Axis Technical Group announced three new contracts to implement its title document data managed service solution.

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Microsoft Azure Cloud

PRESS RELEASE: Axis Document Classification And Data Extraction Solution Moves To Microsoft Azure

By Axis Technical Group / January 11, 2016

Axis Technical Group SaaS solution moves to Microsoft Azure cloud to benefit from the exceptional scalability and processing capacity.

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windows 10

Axis Technical Group is Excited to Announce Support for Windows 10

By Axis Technical / October 23, 2015

Today Axis Technical Group announced support for Windows 10, which was released this year to […]

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