artificial intelligence and robotics are set to change the mining industry

The Future of AI and Robotics in Mining

By Axis Technical / April 10, 2024

AI and robotics in mining operations have the potential to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and reduce risk.

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digital closings technologies

The Rise of Digital Closings: How Technology is Transforming the Title Insurance Process

By Axis Technical / April 3, 2024

Digital closings are likely to be the future of how Real Estate transactions are executed. Here are a few insights on how to best prepare.

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systems integration for the healthcare industry

Overcoming Healthcare Systems Interoperability Hurdles: Integrating Technologies for Seamless Patient Care

By Axis Technical / March 26, 2024

Healthcare systems interoperability fosters better collaboration among healthcare professionals to improves patient care outcomes.

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smart mining is driving innovation

Revolutionizing Ore Extraction: Harnessing IoT for Smart Mining

By Axis Technical / March 19, 2024

Smart Mining holds the key to providing the next level of mining innovation and efficiency.

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improve patient satisfaction

How AI and Machine Learning Are Set to Revolutionize the Healthcare Industry – and the Delivery of Greater Patient Satisfaction

By Axis Technical / March 12, 2024

Here are 7 ways that AI and ML will have a profound impact on healthcare efficiency, treatment personalization, and patient satisfaction.

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Title industry outlook

Navigating the Horizon: Real Estate and Title Industry Outlook for 2024-2025

By Axis Technical / March 5, 2024

As we navigate through 2024, what is the best way to evaluate the Title industry outlook for the rest of the year and next?

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healthcare and dental service operations

Capitalize On The Automation Advantage: Optimize Healthcare Provider and Dental Service Operations for Cost-Efficiency

By Axis Technical / February 27, 2024

Here are eight steps to consider as part of automating healthcare or dental service operations business processes.

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digital transformation healthcare

Navigating the Digital Transformation in Healthcare: From a Provider’s Perspective

By Axis Technical / February 21, 2024

Here are eight steps to streamline and simplify the Digital Transformation in Healthcare from a provider’s perspective.

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healthcare IT systems team

How to Pick a Tech Partner for Healthcare IT Systems

By Axis Technical / February 13, 2024

To ensure a successful and long-term partnership, it is essential to have a good selection process to assess potential IT service providers.

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remote online notarization is gaining momentum

What is the Future of Remote Online Notarization?

By Axis Technical / February 6, 2024

Remote online notarization is gaining momentum as an opportunity to ease the convenience and flexibility of traditional notary services.

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