how to cut costs with RPA

How To Cut Costs with RPA

By Axis Technical / August 3, 2022

Many Title Insurance companies are investing in Robotic Process Automation, or RPA today. A big factor is the expectation that companies can cut costs with RPA.

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demographics are impacting future innovation in real estate industry

What is Driving Innovation in the Real Estate Industry?

By Axis Technical / July 27, 2022

To understand where future innovation will occur in the Real Estate and Title Insurance industries, first examine what market trends are now in place.

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Axis Technical Group Brochure

By Axis Technical Group / July 26, 2022

Learn more about how to leverage Axis Technical Group’s deep industry knowledge in systems integration […]

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Axis Smart Data Extraction™

By Axis Technical Group / July 21, 2022

Learn more about this industry-leading managed service that can accelerate and streamline the extraction of […]

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automation in the Title Insurance industry is building momentum

5 Ways RPA Is Changing the Title Insurance Industry

By Axis Technical / July 20, 2022

Now might be an ideal time to further advance automation strategies, given today’s market conditions. Companies must adapt quickly to stay relevant.

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Interview with Michael Valdes and HousingWire

PRESS Q&A INTERVIEW: HousingWire Speaks to Axis Technical Group

By Axis Technical / July 18, 2022

The real estate and title markets are dealing with lower volumes right now, which means increased competition […]

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ATIM featured image

Insights From This Year’s ATIM 2022 Conference

By Michael Valdes / July 7, 2022

Insights on the future of the Title Insurance industry, based on attending this year’s ATIM emerge conference.

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web harvesting at scale is difficult

The Challenge of Using Web Scraping at Scale

By Axis Technical / June 29, 2022

Web scraping at scale is very difficult. This has led companies to pursue new managed data extraction solutions that achieve superior results.

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glossary of intelligent automation terms

The Definitive Intelligent Automation Glossary

By Axis Technical / June 22, 2022

Here is a definitive guide to the definitions of terms used in the intelligent automation industry.

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digital title insurance is where the future will be

Is Digital Title Insurance A Sure Thing For The Future?

By Axis Technical / June 14, 2022

Digital Title Insurance appears to be an inevitable part of the real estate industry, but how quickly will the transformation take place? Here are insights on how to best navigate the transition process.

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