Axis Smart Data Extraction

AI-Based Data Extraction Subscription Service

Axis Smart Data Extraction® is a managed subscription service to outsource document classification and data extraction specifically for the Real Estate and Title industries. Take advantage of this Artificial Intelligence-powered service to streamline your business, improve conversion accuracy, and increase customer satisfaction.

Getting started is easy. Axis Technical Group will perform an assessment to identify the documents, set up a classification strategy, and establish AI training parameters.

With a data conversion rate of 95% or higher and current customers processing over one million documents a week, get smart about your data extraction performance with this best-in-class solution.

Axis Smart Data Extraction Image
Axis Smart Data Extraction Service


Subscription service includes access to a library of 4,000+ types of Land and Title documents from 1,500+ counties in the U.S.

AI Engine extracts data based on Natural Language Processing to accomodate document variation

Documents picked up by 9:00 pm PST are delivered as a digital file the next morning

Premium service is available with a 90-minute turnaround time

Accurately capture structured and unstructured data with a successful conversation rate of 95% (or higher)

Maintain data security and privacy


Get started today to capture the following benefits from Axis Smart Data Extraction service for the Land and Title industry:

  • Lower the cost to acquire data from Land and Title Orders
  • Eliminate time-consuming and manual data entry processes
  • Reduce costs associated with acquiring unstructured document data
  • Cloud-based service operates in a secure Microsoft Azure environment
  • A user interface lets you easily configure document, field, and rule preferences


Learn more about Axis Smart Data Extraction to streamline your Land and Title business and align a new path to growth.