digital transformation healthcare

Navigating the Digital Transformation in Healthcare: From a Provider’s Perspective

By Axis Technical / February 21, 2024

Here are eight steps to streamline and simplify the Digital Transformation in Healthcare from a provider’s perspective.

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healthcare IT systems team

How to Pick a Tech Partner for Healthcare IT Systems

By Axis Technical / February 13, 2024

To ensure a successful and long-term partnership, it is essential to have a good selection process to assess potential IT service providers.

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how to manage healthcare provider risks

How To Manage Healthcare Provider Risks in 2024

By Axis Technical / January 25, 2024

To best manage healthcare provider risks in 2024, providers must embrace modern IT systems to improve agility and adaptability.

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health equity

How Technology Providers Play a Role in Advancing Health Equity

By Axis Technical / January 9, 2024

Health equity now plays a greater role in the delivery of healthcare services – be sure your technology provider is aligned with this need.

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AI and automation trends impacting healthcare professionals

Three AI and Automation Predictions that Will Disrupt Healthcare Organizations

By Axis Technical / November 28, 2023

Here are three AI and automation predictions that are highly likely to have an impact on the future of the healthcare industry.

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healthcare organizations financial resilience

Navigating the Storm: Why Healthcare Providers Need Financial Resilience

By Axis Technical / November 14, 2023

Here are seven actionable strategies healthcare and dental providers can implement to improve financial resilience.

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systems integrators can streamline billing systems

How to Streamline Billing Systems to Boost Efficiency and Cash Flow

By Axis Technical / November 1, 2023

Hiring a Systems Integrator can streamline billing systems to increase efficiency, revenue management, and patient satisfaction.

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DSO time and attendance system implementation

CASE STUDY: DSO Avoids Payroll Crisis with a New Custom System Overhaul

By Axis Technical / May 8, 2023

Case study on how Axis Technical Group helped a DSO to avoid a payroll crisis by implementing a new payroll and time tracking system.

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increase staffing productivity

CASE STUDY: How to Achieve 3X Staffing Productivity Increase with RPA

By Axis Technical / March 29, 2022

This Axis Technical Group case study shows how RPA can be implemented to increase staffing productivity.

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Epic ERP software

CASE STUDY: Epic ERP Software Integration & Billing Consolidation

By Axis Technical / January 13, 2022

Axis Technical Group has much experience implementing Epic ERP Software solutions that can be integrated with complex billing systems to deliver superior financial performance.

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