Real Estate & Title

Accelerate Approval Cycles

Real Estate and Title companies have a strong paper-based legacy. Isolated data can be difficult to quickly access and act upon. Competitive pressure has placed new urgency to review and approve applications with greater speed and insight.

New digital systems, document classification, and data retrieval strategies have quickly become best-in-class. Leverage advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to respond with greater intelligence, accuracy, and customer satisfaction.

Learn more about Axis Smart Data Extraction™, a subscription-based managed service to streamline document classification and data extraction in the Land and Title industries.


Reducing Reliance on Paper

Paper has been the backbone of business transactions for centuries, but it has challenges. Technology to scan, capture, and convert these documents to a digital, more manageable, and secure format has been in place for nearly 30 years. Despite technology being available to streamline the conversion of paper to digital, there has been a relatively slow transition to this technology. This is especially the case in the Mortgage and Title Insurance industry. Now is the right time to move this transformation forward to reap cost savings, performance improvement, and better customer satisfaction.



Scalable solutions support large projects

Expertise in high volumes of documents/data

Remove manual entries and paper processes

Capture structured and unstructured data

Maintain data security and privacy

"This solution was needed years ago when I was an underwriter – I would have killed for this."

"This is going to drive down operational costs by allowing us to use fewer people at the data entry and verification level."


Let Axis Technical Group be your Real Estate and Title industries partner to align a new path to growth.