CASE STUDY: Loan Origination Payment Gateway & e-Commerce Module for Leading Financial Services Institution

Axis Technical Group (“Axis”) is proud to announce that their client, a financial institution (“Client”) that offers individual purchase assistance and comfortable installment payment programs to everyday consumers, have recently launched their Loan Origination Payment Gateway & e-Commerce Module.

Though the Client processes thousands of individual loans per month, ranging from $200 to $6,000 per loan, their primary goal was to increase the number of loans being written by creating a more streamline, incentivized consumer experience.

Their secondary goal was also to branch out to new e-Commerce platforms – a.k.a. “shopping carts websites” – to bolster their business and overall scalability. Having already secured Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, Woo Commerce, Presta Shop and Open  Cart, there are hundreds more that they want to work with such as Volusion, GoDaddy, Neuvox, not to mention countless of other international platforms.

By expanding on an already lucrative business model, Axis wanted to help their Client leverage the abundance of e-commerce sites at a greater capacity, as well as providing additional exposure to the brand and increased functionality of their service.


Axis was called upon by the Client to take over this project from an overseas consultant and, subsequently, take the proper steps to produce a viable solution. By driving priorities and helping to improve the Client’s relationship with the customer, Axis was able to deliver on the Client’s vision and corporate strategy that included implementation of a Loan Origination Payment Gateway.

The previous company created a couple modules for the e-commerce sites, but once Axis took over they quickly developed more modules and took over 100% of the integration, which included QA, documentation and implementation.

How it works:

•  Consumers apply for a loan and receive an approval code

•  Consumers visit the website that has the product they want and begin the purchasing process, just as they would normally when buying something online

•  The module then redirects the buyer to the Client’s payment gateway site to complete the order and submit their approval code

•  Transaction is completed and nothing more is needed

Because you need to look farther down the business path to really cut development costs, Axis also suggested that the module have the ability to accept PayPal. Expanding and connecting to Stripe and other credit card payment processors was not in initial scope, but is now part of the integration with one of their customers.

Axis used PHP 5.6 and frame work Cake PHP in order to make development simpler. By implementing a Model View Controller Pattern, which allowed Axis to separate display data. Now you just have specific integration points, so maintenance of code also became simpler. Axis also leveraged My SQL to store customer information, transaction locks, order details, etc.


Because the Payment Gateway & e-Commerce Module took out most of the interaction they were having previously with each merchant, the greatest benefit derived was their immediate influx in the volume of loans.

Before the module, the Client needed to have a conversation with each merchant about their individual transaction. Now everything is done automatically inside the payment gateway.

This also means more loans processed per hour/day/month/year and less manpower and capital needed because Axis has essentially removed the future need for a call center. These factors all serve as a lure for other merchants to your solution.


Our Client’s VP of Sales had this to say about the project:

“I’ve been working with Axis for about four months now and, as a company, they’ve been unbelievably responsive to all my questions and requests. It’s been great working with them.”

To learn more about this project or how it could benefit your unique situation, contact or call us directly at (714) 491-2636.

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