Artificial Intelligence Myth

Here are 3 Artificial Intelligence Myths

By Axis Technical / December 15, 2021

Here are a few Artificial Intelligence myths that have become widespread since the emergence of AI as a new technology.

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The Complete Guide to Robotic Process Automation

By Axis Technical / November 18, 2021

Robotic Process Automation is quickly becoming a must-have technology. Here are pointers on how to best implement to capture a high return on investment.

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machine learning vs artificial intelligence

Demystifying Artificial Intelligence vs. Machine Learning

By Axis Technical / November 3, 2021

Understand how machine learning is one way artificial intelligence can help drive business value for your organization.

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How Can Technology Be Used To Extract Data From Unstructured Documents

By Axis Technical / April 2, 2015

During our roundtable discussion at the AIIM Conference, we shared our stories and experiences to […]

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Migration, Modernization and Mainframes: Your Legacy System

By Axis Technical / December 12, 2014

For decades, organizations have relied on Mainframes to run operations. Moreover, while better solutions exist, […]

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