Artificial Intelligence

ROI on Generative AI Investment

What is a Realistic ROI on Gen AI?

By Axis Technical / July 9, 2024

This article explores what ROI on Gen AI can reasonably be expected, focusing on its application in various industries.

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Gen AI in the financial services as great potential

The Future of Gen AI in Financial Services: Improve the Customer Experience

By Axis Technical / May 1, 2024

Gen AI in Financial Services has great potential to leverage the industry’s vast amounts of data to improve the customer experience.

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artificial intelligence and robotics are set to change the mining industry

The Future of AI and Robotics in Mining

By Axis Technical / April 10, 2024

AI and robotics in mining operations have the potential to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and reduce risk.

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improve patient satisfaction

How AI and Machine Learning Are Set to Revolutionize the Healthcare Industry – and the Delivery of Greater Patient Satisfaction

By Axis Technical / March 12, 2024

Here are 7 ways that AI and ML will have a profound impact on healthcare efficiency, treatment personalization, and patient satisfaction.

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AI carbon footprint

Navigating Sustainable AI – How to Minimize Your AI Carbon Footprint

By Axis Technical / December 13, 2023

Real Estate, Title, and other companies driven by sustainability goals, must start adopting strategies to minimize their AI carbon footprint.

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there is a wide spectrum of AI technologies

Navigating the Spectrum of AI & Picking the Right Partner

By Axis Technical / October 3, 2023

The spectrum of AI has become a ubiquitous term in today’s technology-driven world. Implementation requires picking the right partner.

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The Title industry can benefit from AI-Based Decision Support

The Power of AI-Based Decision Support in The Title Industry

By Axis Technical / September 13, 2023

Title companies operating with AI-based decision support achieve greater operational performance by improving how decisions are evaluated.

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Leverage AI in the insurance industry

6 Ways for Insurance Companies to Leverage AI

By Axis Technical / September 6, 2023

The best way for insurance companies to leverage AI starts with having a plan – for both the short and long term – to achieve the best results.

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achieve competitive advantage in Title industry

How To Use Automation and AI To Outperform the Competition in The Title Insurance Industry

By Axis Technical / July 25, 2023

By leveraging automation, digital, and AI technologies, Title companies can streamline performance to outperform the competition.

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AI Can Build Resilience in the Title industry

3 Ways AI Can Build Resilience in The Title Industry

By Axis Technical / July 11, 2023

In today’s fast-paced and dynamic business environment, Title companies recognizing that AI can build resilience will perform better.

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