what is future of fintech

What is Fintech and What is Driving Its Growth?

By Axis Technical / October 4, 2022

Fintech reflects an area of robust investment and growth spanning banking, insurance, securities, real estate, title, and other industries. What is driving today’s growth?

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what is the future of fractional real estate ownership

Is There a Future in Fractional Real Estate Ownership?

By Axis Technical / September 27, 2022

Fractional real estate ownership is a viable industry with expected future growth. But where and how viable will that future growth be?

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Axis AI is now Axis Smart Data Extraction

Axis AI is Now Axis Smart Data Extraction™

By Axis Technical / September 20, 2022

Axis AI is now Axis Smart Data Extraction, reflecting expanded features and capabilities now part of this managed service.

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improve ROI with automation

Here Are 3 Ways to Drive ROI With Automation

By Axis Technical / September 13, 2022

Drive ROI with automation investment which can be justified by delivering superior benefits that exceed the upfront cost to achieve.

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automation metrics

5 Automation Metrics That Can Drive High Performance

By Axis Technical / August 31, 2022

Automation plays an important role to enable companies to respond faster to change. Pick the right automation metrics to achieve success.

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title and mortgage industry regulations feature

Title And Mortgage Industry Laws And Regulations Defined

By Axis Technical / August 25, 2022

A comprehensive set of Title And Mortgage Industry Laws exist that must be followed. The […]

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Blockchain and the Future of Real Estate

By Axis Technical / August 17, 2022

Much tech investment is now occurring to better leverage automation in the financial services industry. Part of this investment is in blockchain, which has the potential to disrupt the Real Estate industry.

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how to cut costs with RPA

How To Cut Costs with RPA

By Axis Technical / August 3, 2022

Many Title Insurance companies are investing in Robotic Process Automation, or RPA today. A big factor is the expectation that companies can cut costs with RPA.

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demographics are impacting future innovation in real estate industry

What is Driving Innovation in the Real Estate Industry?

By Axis Technical / July 27, 2022

To understand where future innovation will occur in the Real Estate and Title Insurance industries, first examine what market trends are now in place.

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automation in the Title Insurance industry is building momentum

5 Ways RPA Is Changing the Title Insurance Industry

By Axis Technical / July 20, 2022

Now might be an ideal time to further advance automation strategies, given today’s market conditions. Companies must adapt quickly to stay relevant.

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