Intelligent Automation

stay agile in low volume real estate market

Improve Agility to Stay Profitable in A Low Volume Real Estate Market

By Axis Technical / October 18, 2022

With a low volume Real Estate market now emerging, what is the best strategy for companies to weather the storm?

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smart contracts and blockchain

What is the Future of Smart Contracts?

By Axis Technical / October 12, 2022

In a world growing increasingly “smart,” what is the future of smart contracts? How will the future adoption of this type of agreement grow?

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improve ROI with automation

Here Are 3 Ways to Drive ROI With Automation

By Axis Technical / September 13, 2022

Drive ROI with automation investment which can be justified by delivering superior benefits that exceed the upfront cost to achieve.

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automation metrics

5 Automation Metrics That Can Drive High Performance

By Axis Technical / August 31, 2022

Automation plays an important role to enable companies to respond faster to change. Pick the right automation metrics to achieve success.

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how to cut costs with RPA

How To Cut Costs with RPA

By Axis Technical / August 3, 2022

Many Title Insurance companies are investing in Robotic Process Automation, or RPA today. A big factor is the expectation that companies can cut costs with RPA.

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automation in the Title Insurance industry is building momentum

5 Ways RPA Is Changing the Title Insurance Industry

By Axis Technical / July 20, 2022

Now might be an ideal time to further advance automation strategies, given today’s market conditions. Companies must adapt quickly to stay relevant.

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glossary of intelligent automation terms

The Definitive Intelligent Automation Glossary

By Axis Technical / June 22, 2022

Here is a definitive guide to the definitions of terms used in the intelligent automation industry.

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Extracting Value from Intelligent Automation in the Title Insurance Industry

By Axis Technical / June 2, 2022

What will the title insurance industry be like in 10 years? Increasing investment in automated workflows will streamline business processes. Digital Transformation has swept the world. Companies investing today in adding intelligence to process automation will become the leaders of tomorrow.

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how to overcome staffing challenges in real estate industry

How to Avoid Staffing Challenges in a Dynamic Federal Reserve Environment

By Kyle Duffy / May 11, 2022

Dynamic interest rate environments create difficult staffing conditions. Intelligent Process Automation can help avoid staffing challenges by enabling companies to quickly adapt while maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction.

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5 Reasons to Invest in Intelligent Process Automation

By Axis Technical / April 20, 2022

Intelligent process automation is the ability to incorporate AI while automating a process to improve performance. Investment in this strategy is increasing substantially, due in part to five factors.

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