Why Quality Assurance Outsourcing is the Best Option for Your Company

There are many benefits to outsourcing a company’s quality assurance. Outsourcing quality assurance not only helps business owners schedule project meetings at a low cost, but companies also benefit when they are able to meet aggressive timelines without any added internal pressure.

When is Quality Assurance outsourcing required?

Whenever a project has short-term needs that require more testers than the company has, outsourcing quality assurance is the best solution. Furthermore, if your business needs a higher level of expertise and you only need help for one project, outsourcing is a quick and low-cost option.

Short-term scenario

When deciding whether to engage an outsourcing company to handle your QA project, there are several factors to consider. One factor is the overall project time frame. Whether the project is short term or one time, outsourcing the QA presents a number of significant benefits, namely cost. Hiring a full time QA person can be extremely costly for a company, especially if the assignment is short in nature.

Outsourcing makes sense for a one-time project because you must have time to source a company that can manage your QA requirements based on your schedule. Once the project is complete, you no longer need to pay for QA expenses.

You and your project will benefit if you contract a superior software testing company like Axis Technical Group. Axis will provide considerable QA expertise at a reasonable rate, as opposed to the expense of hiring an in-house QA person for this purpose.

Long-term scenario advice

When designing a long-term solution, you should select a QA partner wisely. Choosing the right QA partner for your long-term project will create many benefits. Long term partners are well positioned to understand and immediately address any potential challenges which could arise during the project, and can execute quickly in an emergency situation. Further, the right partner outsource partner understands and appreciates the ultimate goals of a particular project and can provide cogent advice when necessary.

Quality Assurance Outsourcing Benefits

Hiring a full time QA expert can be costly. Particularly when one factors in an hourly wage, benefits, and payroll taxes. Not to mention the time and expense necessary to train an in-house QA tester. All things considered, this employee could cost you upwards of $100,000 a year in some cases. Cost and training are but a few of the major reasons why you should consider outsourcing your quality assurance.

Expertise is another issue to consider. Outsourcing your QA to an expert organization like Axis can save you the large expense of bringing one on full time. Hiring an expert QA partner makes sense, especially if a company needs help on a single project. Axis has a team of QA experts to assist you with any size project at a reasonable cost for service.

At Axis, we believe QA is a critical part of the Software Development Lifecycle and deserves an experienced, professional approach. By making the decision to outsource your QA, you receive an objective, experienced point-of-view that can improve the quality of your application and eliminate the business risk of bringing an under-tested application into your operation. We have highly trained Quality Assurance Engineers on staff with Certified Software Tester (CSTE) and International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) certifications, in addition to Axis’ QA center of excellence.