A Compelling Case To Outsource Software Testing Services

software testing services outsourcing

Functional and defect-free software is the pride of any software development organization. Creating defective software can really ruin a development team’s reputation, be it for internal applications or commercial software applications. Bad news travels fast, in fact, quicker than ever before with social media like Twitter, LinkedIn, and countless forums and review sites. Reduce this risk by outsourcing software testing services with your next release or project.

With the abundance of competition for software – and increasingly demanding users – the need for software testers to ensure high quality continues to grow. Software developers are great at building code but not necessarily testing it, it’s really not their specialty or for that matter best use of their time.

Competitive Advantage

To be competitive, the core goal of a development department should be to keep its costs down and reduce the time to market. Outsourcing quality assurance and software testing services permits your company to focus on development activities.

Testing Facts

The objective of testing is to uncover as many defects as possible while ensuring that the software meets the requirements. Identifying and getting rid of ALL defects is practically impossible.

Testing is just one component of Quality Control and it can be difficult and challenging (sometimes, even more so than coding). Sure there are testing automation tools but relying 100% on test automation cannot be achieved. Manual Testing, to some level, is always necessary.

It not only involves looking for defects but also ensuring all scenarios are covered and requirements are met. Testing provides you the peace of mind that somebody else has your back and shields you from potential defects slipping through the cracks.

Target Developers on their Core Competencies

Allow the core development activities of the business to take center stage. Outsourcing supplementary activities such as testing help to put the focus back on the core functions of the business.

Developers are not going to be rewarded for how many of their own bugs they find. The more they find highlights how many they created in the first place. Your developers are not going necessarily to want to highlight how bad their original programming was, and for that matter find their own bugs.

Enlist Software Testing Experts

Software testing services suppliers, such as Axis Technical Group, surpass developers with advantages of experience in handling similar or tougher tasks for several corporations like your own. Gain from benefits of experience and specialization.

There are so many types of testing available. So, it would be hard for an organization to specialize in all of them. These tasks include functionality testing, beta testing, on-site testing, compatibility testing, stress testing design testing, and test plan designs, just to name a few.


One of the main advantages of outsourcing your software testing is that you only have to use it when you need it. You don’t need to keep a full-time team on staff.  This helps reduce cost and overhead.

Shorten the development cycle by accelerating testing cycles. Allow your team to develop during regular business hours and have the testing run overnight, the next morning your team can review the reports and take immediate action. This will logically result in an accelerated time to market or product release cycle.

Outsourcing or Off-Shoring – Pros and Cons

As mentioned before, the advantages include lower costs, lower overhead, less investment, and greater flexibility in staffing resources. If this decision can obtain results overnight, it effectively streamlines the entire development process.

With the good also potentially comes the bad. Problems with the quality of testing can arise if the outsourcing provider doesn’t have enough experience and proven processes in place. Not understanding the culture of the outsourcing/off-shoring provider may lead to poor communication and throughput.

By choosing an experienced off-shoring provider, these challenges can be avoided.  Axis Technical Group has an experienced team of QA testers that have operated out of our India operations center for many years with credible, reference-able client success. Our executive team spans both continents, with a number of our founders coming from India. We know the culture of India because it’s part of our DNA, and we’re very proud of it.

The Axis Difference

With Axis, you get the expertise of a large, experienced organization in addition to the attention of a mid-sized operation. Just take a look at the list of our clients as evidence we perform quality work. Our customers appreciate our attention to detail and naturally value the competitive pricing we can offer due to a reduced amount of the overhead typically required by a large corporation.

Please reference our customer case studies and services offering to learn more. We look forward to speaking with you and addressing your questions and concerns when considering outsourcing your software testing services.