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smart contracts and blockchain

What is the Future of Smart Contracts?

By Axis Technical / October 12, 2022

In a world growing increasingly “smart,” what is the future of smart contracts? How will the future adoption of this type of agreement grow?

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what is future of fintech

What is Fintech and What is Driving Its Growth?

By Axis Technical / October 4, 2022

Fintech reflects an area of robust investment and growth spanning banking, insurance, securities, real estate, title, and other industries. What is driving today’s growth?

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what is the future of fractional real estate ownership

Is There a Future in Fractional Real Estate Ownership?

By Axis Technical / September 27, 2022

Fractional real estate ownership is a viable industry with expected future growth. But where and how viable will that future growth be?

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title and mortgage industry regulations feature

Title And Mortgage Industry Laws And Regulations Defined

By Axis Technical / August 25, 2022

A comprehensive set of Title And Mortgage Industry Laws exist that must be followed. The […]

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Blockchain and the Future of Real Estate

By Axis Technical / August 17, 2022

Much tech investment is now occurring to better leverage automation in the financial services industry. Part of this investment is in blockchain, which has the potential to disrupt the Real Estate industry.

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ATIM featured image

Insights From This Year’s ATIM 2022 Conference

By Michael Valdes / July 7, 2022

Insights on the future of the Title Insurance industry, based on attending this year’s ATIM emerge conference.

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digital title insurance is where the future will be

Is Digital Title Insurance A Sure Thing For The Future?

By Axis Technical / June 14, 2022

Digital Title Insurance appears to be an inevitable part of the real estate industry, but how quickly will the transformation take place? Here are insights on how to best navigate the transition process.

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tech trends in healthcare industry

5 Healthcare Technology Trends That Are Disrupting the Industry

By Axis Technical / May 5, 2022

Several healthcare technology trends are impacting the industry enabling a higher level of care to be delivered more easily for less cost.

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increase staffing productivity

CASE STUDY: How to Achieve 3X Staffing Productivity Increase with RPA

By Axis Technical / March 29, 2022

This Axis Technical Group case study shows how RPA can be implemented to increase staffing productivity.

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Epic ERP software

CASE STUDY: Epic ERP Software Integration & Billing Consolidation

By Axis Technical / January 13, 2022

Axis Technical Group has much experience implementing Epic ERP Software solutions that can be integrated with complex billing systems to deliver superior financial performance.

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