White Paper – The challenges, risks and costs of working with paper

Paper has been the backbone of business transactions for centuries, but it has challenges. Technology to scan, capture, and convert these documents to a digital, more manageable and secure format has been in place for nearly thirty years. However, despite having technology available for improving business processes through the conversion of paper to digital, there has still been relativity slow transition to this technology in the Mortgage and Title industry.

Documents created either internally within the organization or those received from customers and business partners create numerous problems. Hard copy paper documents manually move through the business process, slowing down response time, restricting immediate access to information, and creating immense demands on staff to re-key data, and then copy and file these documents. There are also legal regulations related to how these documents are handled, stored, and secured.

In this report, we look at the challenges, risks and costs of working with paper, and the benefits of moving away from paper or using it more efficiently. We will provide an introduction to the technologies available for digital conversion, and demystify and define the language and/or jargon employed in the document imaging industry.

You can download the report here

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