PRESS RELEASE: Axis Technical Group Completes Strategic 2021 Growth Milestones

strategic 2021 growth
  • New AI-based data extraction subscription service successfully launched
  • 18% increase in staffing realigned as a foundation for growth
  • 20% increase in overall revenue; 44% increase in AI-based revenue
  • AWS cloud services expanded
  • Revenue and margin growth funded record investment in R&D

ANAHEIM, Calif. – Feb. 8, 2022 – Axis Technical Group, the company that helps clients align their path to growth, today announced the successful completion of key strategic objectives during the prior calendar year. Despite the challenges of a global pandemic and the frequent shifting of client requirements, the company completed a new product introduction now gaining market traction. Other milestones were accomplished as part of the company’s vision for growth, aligning its products and services to be of the highest value for its customers and prospects.

In October 2021 the company launched Smart Data Extraction™, a new subscription service providing a cost-effective approach for companies seeking to improve efficiency by accelerating the process of how data is extracted from unstructured documents. This new service has been well received by the market with several new client services now being implemented.

Learn more about Axis Smart Data Extraction.

Another milestone achieved in 2021 by Axis Technical Group was the successful implementation of an AWS cloud-hosted Revenue Recognition System for a client in the healthcare industry. As part of this deployment, the client’s Patient Management System was integrated to provide revenue calculation at a higher level of performance than what was previously considered possible.

“I am proud of our team’s performance and accomplishments during a challenging year with many unexpected challenges to overcome,” said Michael Valdes, President, Axis Technical Group. “The launch of Axis Smart Data Extraction was a highlight of the year, as a culmination of our working for several years with our partners and existing customers to get it right.”

In 2021 the company also focused on re-aligning its staffing resources to establish the right foundation of skills and technical expertise necessary to expand its portfolio of managed IT services. This staffing adjustment was achieved while maintaining a strong focus on its other core services business, comprising intelligent process automation, application development, and systems integration services.

The company’s profitability improved during the year with a shift to managed services, which is being re-invested into the company’s Research and Development program to drive future growth and new product launches planned over the next 2-3 years.

About Axis Technical Group

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