Big Data Adoption Goes Mainstream

The SharePoint technology delivers the solid web-based framework needed to consolidate company collaboration, document management, and system integration into an easy to manage platform encouraging of growth. Across the globe, SharePoint has proven itself capable of delivering the user-empowerment needed to effectively expand information and knowledge sharing throughout a wide spectrum of business types and environments. This is done by utilizing big data while at the same time controlling IT costs and integration risks. The list of potential benefits offered by integrating SharePoint into an IT strategy is impressive. Some of these key benefits include the following:

Ease of Use

SharePoint’s features intertwine with the Microsoft Office suite (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Visio, etc.) which presents a familiar operating environment for users. This familiarization encourages user adoption and allows a company to witness almost immediate results after integration.

Content and Document Management

SharePoint offers the ability to architect a platform to unify data points like documents, emails, surveys, and much more. Businesses reduce redundancy and security risks using document management and version control features. Create a document center by integrating co-authoring techniques, check-in and check-out functionality, and publishing features.

Collaboration and Social Integration of Big Data

A business can design community sites open to influencing the strategic objectives; or enable employees to follow and rate documents or contribute to company blog posts. Expand knowledge management through wikis and team sites. Seamlessly integrate MS Exchange Server (Outlook) to further enhance the collaboration potential.

Powerful Search

Companies can increase productivity with SharePoint’s robust search engine which facilitates quick location of relevant documents, site content, and more. The search feature capitalizes on metadata strategies integrated into libraries, sites, and the farm.


The SharePoint platform opens the door for solution development without the need for a developer. Empower users to design and fit workflows, forms, or like-solutions into their daily operations.

Business Intelligence

Utilize system web service integration to create a centralized and robust platform encouraging of business intelligence and decision support.

Centralized and Secure

Centralized administration insures the SharePoint structure is safely maintained by your IT team without impacting user-empowerment. Security and access can be managed at a farm level through the central administration, but remains accessible at the content owner level as well.

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