CASE STUDY: Healthcare Innovation mini-cases

Axis Technical has served a LOT of medical/dental clients with healthcare innovation projects and our experience has found their most common pain points fall into one or more of four categories:

  • Existing teams are consumed supporting current systems and so IT management is not able to focus on the possibilities of innovation – they are stalled
  • Teams remain emotionally committed to legacy technologies and so are unable to migrate to make the leap to newer technology platforms – they are reluctant to break up with their old systems
  • Management and IT teams continue to operate have adopted a cost-plus philosophy allowing them to keep expensive and time-consuming manual processes – they understand manual and have the resources to continue
  • Technology organizations do not forecast for growth or scale such as adding new offices, doctors and patients – and are caught off guard when the growth arrives

Axis has deep experience in supplementing existing teams working on healthcare innovation initiatives and process redesign.